New, New, New

It’s been a busy two weeks here on our new adventure and we have several new things to share. One of the interesting things the changes have shown us is that Karma seems to be working for us.

The easiest addition was Vie’s new Kitty. Meet “MnM”!



But wait, how did we come to get a cat? After all, we are dog people and Deb is allergic to them? Well, a week ago we volunteered to help round up cats and dogs in Playa Potrero that needed to be spayed or neutered. It’s a huge problem here with the street dogs. Our friend Dawn has helped 11,000 cats and dogs over the last decade or so getting “fixed”, recovering from disease and injury, getting adopted and more. I was going to blog about our adventure last week, but the vet ended up getting sick right after we started so we had to delay a month.

On our first run, though, we went to pick up a mama cat and her litter of kittens. Vie really bonded to one and held it most of the time. Later that day Deb and I chatted and told Vie that we (Vie) could get a kitten. Of course, a ton of excitement followed along with preparations to get the kitty. We picked up MnM this morning and have been getting her settled in…along with the rest of us.

You see, the biggest addition was a new place to live! Take a look at Casa Mariposa Amarilla.

Casa Mariposa Amarillo 1

Casa Mariposa Amarilla

Casa Dutry, our previous place, was ok but it had some challenges. First of all, it was really dark. There wasn’t enough light anywhere, which made it feel like living in a cave. It had a really small kitchen, which was difficult to work in, particularly with Aidan’s unschooling cooking projects. It also didn’t have a ton of living space. We are pretty much together all of the time, so that made it a bit difficult. There were other inconveniences, like the dust, but none of these were horrible.

Casa Dutry

Casa Dutry

What we realized though, was that we were only going to be here a little while longer. We either wanted to be on the beach or have a view. It really came down to the opportunity cost of not enjoying where we lived. Living on the beach has other challenges (flooding, sand fleas, etc.) and Deb has a real soft spot for sunset views.

We (well, Deb) had been looking for a few months now. I mentioned that we found an amazing place and got a good deal, only to find that the owner’s email had been hijacked and we were in the middle of a developing scam. We avoided the scam and helped the owner, but were sad about losing the place. We knew it wasn’t meant to be and so we kept looking.

Deb had been using online tools to find places. We are both pretty independent and figured that we could do anything we needed to if we worked hard enough. What we learned here is that the people network really helps immensely. We heard of a cool place in Flamingo from Colleen, our friend and yoga instructor. It was Casa Mariposa Amarilla (“yellow butterfly house”), and we fell in love with it.

Silvia, the owner, is an amazing woman. Unfortunately, she had some really bad trouble with previous renters and was very worried about who to rent to, even though she really needed to rent it and get back to New Hampshire. Here’s where the social network – and I don’t mean Facebook – came to our aid. We know a lot of folks here now and tend to like meeting, talking with, and helping folks. Colleen put in a good word of course. Then Silvia was at her chiropractor and mentioned she was on her way to show the house to us. Her chiropractor happens knows us from yoga and social connections and also put in a good word. Things just started opening up then. Within a few short days we got the house and despite what you see in the pictures, it was not a lot more than our combined costs at Casa Dutry. Silvia seems to be pretty excited and relieved as well.

Casa Mariposa Amarilla is incredible. I never actually expected we’d be living someplace like this.

Casa Mariposa Amarillo 3

It sits on the hillside above Flamingo beach at the end of its street. The view is simply incredible, especially from the fourth floor!

Casa Mariposa Amarillo 4

It is known locally as the “birthday cake house” because it is bright yellow and has these tall white lamps that look like candles.

Casa Mariposa Amarillo 2

It has 3 floors and a roof deck. It’s a four bedroom house and we have an office! I was excited about that in particular because when we have to do work, we don’t have to cart everything out to the kitchen table. The master bedroom is on floor two along with Jack and Jill young adult rooms, now occupied by Aidan and Vie. Surprisingly, neither opted for the bedroom on floor 3 all by itself with two decks. And of course, it has the fourth floor roof deck where sunsets are truly amazing.

Casa Mariposa Amarillo 8

Casa Mariposa Amarillo Deb

Roof Deck at Sunset with Deb and Champagne

The house also has a palapa (roofed building with no walls) out in the back and an amazing infinity pool, complete with, of course, a mariposa amarilla.

Casa Mariposa Amarillo 5

The Infinity Pool

Everywhere you look, and I mean everywhere – the metalwork on all of the railings, the pool, the carvings on the doors, the tiled welcome mat, the address tile, the stained glass lamp on the stairway post, and more – there are mariposas amarillas.

Lucy and mariposa

Casa Mariposa Amarillo 7

Muchas Mariposas Amarillas

The structure to the left of the house isn’t part of what we rented. It has one floor for Silvia and her family when they come down. The bottom floor of that structure is where our caretakers, Sandra and William, live with their family.

You can probably tell we are excited. We can’t wait to finally have some dinner parties and other events here. Our old place was just too small and dark. Aidan has already made friends with JJ, Silvia’s son, and Hairo, William’s son. We expect his Spanish to take a dramatic upturn shortly! J

The final addition was the hardest. While we love Moose, Deb was not so comfortable with his reliability. Now that the tourist “high season” is pretty much over, we want to start travelling and see more of Costa Rica. Moose is great for local runs but we didn’t relish the thought of being stranded hours out of the nearest big town with a dead car.



Our friend, Dusty, happened to be leaving for Argentina to work for an NGO there and he was selling his SUV. It’s 1986 Toyota 4Runner. While it is older than Moose, it is in better condition because it has spent 99.8% of its “life” in San Jose rather than out here on the beach and dirt roads. Dusty has successfully taking this vehicle on numerous trips to San Jose and around the country. He’s done all the road testing for us and we know from our new mechanic that it is in great shape. So, welcome “Fanta.” Aidan named it J



Fanta was only a little more than Moose, but now we don’t have to rent a car to travel long distances. He has his own quirks, but he will serve us well. And who could beat an orange car! We’ll find a good home for Moose as soon as all the paperwork is done. Anyone need a car with tons of personality?

It didn’t really surprise us that we found a kitten who needed a home, an amazing place, or a more reliable car. Things like that happen down here far more than you might expect. Our yogi friends tell us it’s the power of meditation and positive thoughts and we are inclined to believe them.

We are not very religious people at all, in fact, quite the opposite. We are somewhat spiritual in a really open-minded way. We do believe in Karma.

Karma means action, work or deed; it also refers to the principle of causality where intent and actions of an individual influence the future of that individual. Good intent and good deed contribute to good karma and future happiness, while bad intent and bad deed contribute to bad karma and future suffering. (Wikipedia)

You might look at it as another form of “do unto others…” or “what goes around comes around.” It is very people-focused, like us. We’ve always enjoyed helping people throughout our lives. And that seems to come back to us at times. This is likely one of them.

Of course, it might also just be pura vida. That might be stretching things, but who’s to say? After a few weeks, it does tend to take hold. It’s even great for detoxifying type-A habits. Any way you look at it, we have some new things to keep us busy in new ways now. Speaking of which, we still have unpacking to do! Pura vida!

More Updates

It’s been a little while since I posted some general updates about our life on our our new adventure. A lot has actually been going on despite the fact that we now don’t have jobs (mostly) and we live in a tropical paradise. We are definitely acclimating to tropical life, the slower pace, and pura vida. At the same time, we are who we are(!) and we are not sitting still much. We are finding lots of things to keep us busy.

I mentioned a few things in recent posts:  Deb finished working remotely for her job in Seattle at the beginning of February. She went back to Seattle to complete everything and brought us back more supplies. Around that that time she also took over a lot of the unschooling, giving me a little break.

Deb has added back more structure in Vie and Aidan’s unschooling and despite a little resistance, that seems to have helped a lot. She’s also brought in more structured/planned physical activity – “PE” if you will – so the young adults are getting out more and using technology less. We are also planning, with them, some excursions around Costa Rica now that the “high season” of tourists is winding down. One fun event we are working on this week is doing paintball. There is a course by Liberia airport and so we’ll all go out and try a “real-world” video game.

Another brilliant addition is structured time for “unstructured” discussion; i.e., just talking with Aidan and Vie. We have already had several great discussions including microeconomics, although that’s not how Deb introduced it. It was about simple basics like supply and demand, cost of items, etc. Then that led to microeconomics videos on Khan Academy, write up of understandings and questions, followed by more discussion. These are all things we experience daily and yet we rarely look at them as learning opportunities. So far, the young adults have been really engaged in these discussions.

Deb is also working on developing some possibilities for a business in real estate. She has always been interested and took a class while she was in Seattle. Her instincts are incredible and, not surprisingly, she has some creative and innovative ideas for rental properties here or in Seattle. Right now we are looking at interesting properties here as she finds them. We’re taking it slowly as she does her research. It’s one of several things we have going on here on the “side burner.” She loves the idea of having rental properties and I am fully on-board – at least as long as she deals with the people aspects, which she loves. I am happy being the “numbers” guy behind the scenes. Besides, wouldn’t you want to buy or rent from Deb? J

Aidan’s new activity is swim team. There is a local school here – Country Day – that allows non-students to participate in sports and other activities. They have a great pool and great coaches who are friends of ours from Spanish classes (everything here is really two degrees of separation from everything else). He is an awesome natural swimmer and has Deb’s talent. Now he’s starting to discover a bit of a competitive streak! Doesn’t he look like a young Michael Phelps?


Aidan is also still cooking and loving it, of course. He started positing his recipes up on He has his famous steak recipe I’ve mentioned before as well as a host of new ones. You can find them all under “enderSpartan828 the chef”). You have to read a few of his descriptions. He has a fun, and goofy, sense of humor. You’ll definitely get that as you read his recipes. Here’s his latest creation: KFC Copycat Chicken. I think it tastes far better and is far less greasy than KFC.


As an aside and for those of you who did not instantly get Aidan’s alias, it is not, as you might think, tied to Ender’s Game or the Spartans from antiquity. It’s a combination of an “enderman” from Minecraft and the modern version of Spartans from the Halo video game franchise.

Vie has been doing some pretty incredible digital Anime artwork using a tablet. It’s pretty amazing what you can do now on these. They really feel like you are drawing on paper with all of the subtly of hand drawing, plus digital capabilities that make it richer in many ways. Vie is way better than me on the tablet. I wish I could show some examples, but, well, Vie has an artist’s temperament and isn’t satisfied with anything enough to share it. Yet. News flash: Vie just sent me this and said I could show it!

friends forever

Vie is now starting to take the digital art the next step and work on animation. Vie is going down that long path of learning Adobe Flash. The first few weeks will likely be frustrating but it’s a tool that can take you from animation through coding to video game development. I’m still working on getting Vie to do a video game with me J .

Both Aidan and Vie have really taken to, one of many cool resources on the web we use in unschooling (see our Resources page for others). It combines gamification with topics from DNA to crafts to game development to coding and lets learners earn achievements for various accomplishments. I’ll be talking more about this later in an upcoming post on gamifying unschooling. And for grammar geeks, I did just use gerunds in a row.

Deb and I added additional Spanish learning through duolingo now, at the invitation of some good friends who will be coming to visit in May. It is also a “gamified” learning site. Look for us there as “delyca” and me as the very unoriginal “andycargile.” The young adults are also extending their Spanish through StudyStack, another great online resource.

I’ve had a few interesting activities myself. I just returned from a trip to San Jose to give a colloquium to the brand new interaction design program at University Veritas. The Directora of the program, Ana Domb Krauskopf, has put together a wonderful and new curriculum and assembled a very talented set of students. This is the inaugural year. From everything I’ve seen, this looks to be a world class program and an excellent place to recruit interaction designers in the future.

I have to thank Mariana Lopez, one of the instructors at the University, for this serendipitous opportunity. She recently graduated from CMU’s program and happened to spot me on LinkedIn “on a family adventure in Costa Rica”. She invited me to lunch and we chatted about interaction design. She connected me to Ana and then things progressed from there. It’s pretty amazing how things just come together sometimes.

I had barely put away my heavy tech gear (big monitor, keyboard, etc.) that I used to work on my colloquium deck when I got a ping from Mylene Yao, the CEO of a startup in Silicon Valley who asked if I was interested in helping them with an Angel pitch deck. This turned into a really interesting and fast little creative project. Univfy is a remarkable startup that uses some hardcore predictive analytics to help women on their journey of in vitro fertilization make better decisions by giving them far more accurate assessments of their chances to conceive.

It was an interesting transition from my “normal” routine here to a fast-paced, focused project. It’s been awhile since I had the luxury of working on a creative project for 7-8 hours straight a day. I mean that in the best sense. Even before coming to Costa Rica, it was rare in my last few positions that I had even a few hours outside my days of mostly meetings to really focus on something creative. I either had to spread projects out over time or do them “after hours.”

This was refreshing. It was invigorating. It also made my brain hurt in a good way! Most importantly, this project went very smoothly even though I was completely remote. In fact, it was ahead of schedule. I’ve done a lot of decks like this working with execs and the remote nature didn’t create challenges at all. I firmly believe, contrary to conventional wisdom, that creative work, at least like this, can be done remotely without the work suffering. It’s happening more and more globally (see oDesk and Elance as growing examples). For me, it gives me the ability to balance everything better. I’m hoping more opportunities like this come up.

On the “home front”, we are still searching for a new place. Our current rental house isn’t terrible, but it’s a bit dark and the kitchen is small, especially when several of us are working on a project. We are also hoping that if we can find something closer to the beach that the young adults will be able to get to the beach more often on their own. Our search for a new place actually led us to a bit of an unlikely adventure.

Deb found an incredible place on the hill overlooking Playa Penca, a nearby beach. While we were willing to spend a bit more to get closer to the beach, this was out of our range. Deb, wanting to practice her negotiation skills offered a deal where we’d rent it for 8 months (through the low season) but for less than half the asking price. Surprisingly, they said yes! We went and looked at the place and fell in love. It was on 6 lots, had three large bedrooms and a lot more space. It had an outside palapa and a huge kitchen, along with a handyman who lived on site in a separate house. That’s when the adventure part kicked in.

The owner wanted us to pay for the whole rental up front, which was a lot of money, and sign a contract in 3 days. That wasn’t too odd for rentals here, but asking us to wire the money to London was. As Deb investigated this erratically-communicative owner, she learned that in fact this wasn’t the owner. The actual owner, who was quite nice, never got our emails; they were intercepted from the VRBO site. It seems someone hijacked his email and was looking to scam him, and us. Even follow up emails about this never made it to him. Sadly, he never got our proposal nor agreed to our negotiated price.

We had aspirations of tracking down the culprit, especially since we had his bank and routing information. I really wanted to set up a sting. Unfortunately, the owner didn’t seem to be terribly interested, so we dropped it, along with our hopes for renting that house.

Fortunately, we did not wire a lot of money to a scam artist.  Deb’s diligence and “spider sense”, along with good karma and pura vida, combined to keep us from that fate. We have one back-up plan but are still looking. We know something will come through. It always does when you least expect it. At least, it has consistently come through here for us.sche It might be a little metaphysical, but we really do think that if you contribute to the system of good karma it comes back at some point.  It probably sounds far more off the beaten path in Seattle than it does down here with all of the yoga, surfing and pura vida, but that’s okay. We are, after all, intentionally off path. Pura Vida.