Grammar Boss Level

A fun grammar “test” I created for our young adults using an approach from video games wherein a player must defeat a difficult opponent (the “boss”) before continuing. See more detail in the blog post on it.

Grammar Boss Level Answer Key

white break

Unschooling Annotated Links

Here are a number of excellent resources available online (and several in physical locations) for unschooling. The following are ones that we have discovered and have found valuable in our unschooling journey so far. We welcome any new ideas and references.


We’ve found these books to be valuable in helping us with understanding unschooling in general or with specific aspects of planning, etc.

Ideas and Projects

This is a bit of an oddball category. These are links to interesting projects, examples of things the young adults could do or work on, or ideas for projects.

General Articles

These articles are generally relevant to unschooling. We used several early on with the young adults to help frame unschooling for them.

Tools and Resources

These sites offer tools and/or resources that directly help with unschooling or that can be used as part of an unschooling “curriculum.”

Topical Articles

These articles cover specific topics that are relevant either to our young adults’ current unschooling projects or to possible future ones.


Some of these videos are TED talks that are just generally inspiring in considering unschooling or “hack schooling.” Some are good, accessible videos on particular subjects relevant to what our young adults are doing.

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