Grammar Boss Level Answer Key

The “x’s” below identify a grammatical error. I only provide the location of the error, not the correction. I’m sure some of these errors are debatable (the first sentence’s commas, for example. I also expect that I missed a few myself. If you have feedback, please do send it!

Margu, the Orc, sauntered confidently into the large, open, smelly hall and stared.

Along with Grabber, they looked at their large armies standing awkwardly.

Margus army is recognized by its large red banners. Grabber’s army has

purple banners. Margu being is a Cave Orc and Grabber being is a larger Hill Orc. So,

Margu anticipated that Grabber would stir up some trouble.

white break

Looking closely, Grabber said, “Your army looks like children. Its an offense to


white break

Margu replied, “You are too blind. And your scent reeks of perfume. (this is a very

bad thing to say to an Orc). They’re every bit as tough as your pitifully excuse for

an army.”

white break

You’re a fool. There are no differences between my army and the greatest Orc

army of all time! Its ranks stretch to the very edges of the hall. My soldiers are

well known for being brutal. You cant even compare them to another Chieftans

army. When your army stands next to mine there, you can see all the differences,

such as, their hugely size, large teeth, terrible disposition, and etc.”

white break

Margu laughed. I will tell you two things. First, they are clumsy. That means they

will do bad things, like trip easily, bump others often, unnecessarily fall, and

generally attack slowly. You need to make them practice more. Then, you can train

them into a stronger army. Second, my army is smarterer. That means we have more

advantages, such as quicker thinking, larger brains, and faster reflexes. We can

strategically plan several moves ahead. Also my troops won’t make the same mistake

over and over again. They learn. Our army’s effectiveness will be very different indeed.

white break

Grabber became irate. His face turned red (which looked pretty odd on a green

Orc). He yelled, “I will show you and your stupid smart brains! Hill Orcs, follow


white break

With that, Grabber turned and walked forward, looking at his troops behind him

and walked right into an open pit. And every one of his Orcs followed him into the

pit to their doom.

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